Pry is a gas giant located within the Golgenna Reach sub-sector which is within the Calixis Sector. It is orbited by a dingy Imperial space station that is barely operational. The gas giant and it's orbiting station (named 41 Pry) are often forgotten by many Imperial merchant fleets within the Calixis Sector. The station orbiting the gas giant is well known in the sub-sector among locals as a supply point and commonly a seat of illegal activity. It is not a place to venture into lightly, and it is best if those who do, keeps one hand on their pistol and the other on their geltbag. Ghostfire pollen from Iocanthus is available here, at a price, if a person knows who to talk to. If they don't, such questions will get those who inquire killed rather swiftly. The occasional commodities traded at this space station, are said to be in high demand, and bring violent competition among buyers.

Contact With Nearby WorldsEdit

Stable warp routes run from 41 Pry to Iocanthus, Cloister and Regulus.


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