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Green, Black and Gold

"All mortal creatures must die. Only then can the galaxy be reborn anew."
— Anonymous Purge Chaos Space Marine
The Purge

The Purge Warband Colour Scheme

The Purge is a Chaos Space Marine warband dedicated to the Chaos God Nurgle, the Plague Lord. They despise life in all its forms and have waged pitiless war against xenos and Mankind alike since the late 36th Millennium, consumed by their self-imposed quest to exterminate all living creatures. Having seen first hand the dread threat of Chaos, they believe that the civilisations of the galaxy are hopelessly corrupt and that the only salvation lies in the sterility of death. The Purge know that they are too few in number to achieve this goal on their own, and hence they pray nightly to the God of Plagues for a mighty pandemic that will destroy all lesser creatures. Though The Purge see their purpose as pure, those who witness the pestilence and starvation they leave in their wake are under no illusion as to their true allegiance. When The Purge attack a world, famine, pestilence and death soon follow. They are infamous for their conduct of genocidal campaigns and the indiscriminate use of chemical weapons on civilian and military targets alike. They recently played a major role in defending the other Forces of Chaos during the Siege of Vraks by the Imperial Guard. Their current location is unknown.

Warband HistoryEdit

Notable CampaignsEdit

  • Antecanis Massacre (165.M37) - The Purge is known to have participated in the Antecanis Massacre in the year 165.M37 alongside the Black Legion and other Chaos Space Marine warbands.
  • Siege of Vraks (813-830.M41) - The Purge were one of the Chaos Space Marine warbands that answered the call of the Chaos Lord Arkos the Faithless of the Alpha Legion to support the defence of the Forces of Chaos entrenched on the Armoury World of Vraks from the assault of the Imperium of Man. After the Siege of Vraks ended with the fall of that benighted world to Imperial forces after a horrifically costly military campaign in 830.M41, The Purge fled off-world.
  • The Corruption of Bellru & Fealty II (884.M40) - Possessed Chaos Space Marines guide a fleet of the Purge's rusted plague ships through a squall of unnavigable Warp Storms to seed the Agri-Worlds of Bellru and Fealty II with vile diseases. Given their small numbers, the Purge spread an impressive amount of death and destruction. On each world, they send their ships plunging down into the oceans and onto land. The broken hulls empty out deadly spores into the atmosphere, infecting billions of inhabitants.
  • Vaxhallian Genocides (926.M41) - In the year 926.M41, The Purge sought to vent their hatred of all living things, and chose the verdant Imperial world of Vaxhallia as their victim. The planet's surface was soon riddled with consumptive disease and crippling famine. Over the course of a single month, The Purge engineered the destruction of no fewer than 14 billion Imperial citizens, laying claim to the plague-ridden world.

Warband AppearanceEdit

The Purge's Power Armour is filthy and dirt spattered, as would be expected of followers of the Chaos God Nurgle.

Warband ColoursEdit

The Purge paints the helmet, shoulder plates and lower leg plates of its Power Armour grey-green and the hands and torsos black.

Warband BadgeEdit

The warband's badge is three black flies facing each other set 120 degrees apart on a grey-green background, which mirrors the standard sigil often called the Mark of Nurgle.


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