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Quesiah Ichabod was the former Chapter Master of the Excoriators Space Marine Chapter, until he was brought low through treachery with an assassin's poisoned blade, by the cursed Alpha Legion upon the world of Ignis Prime. Though he valiantly fought against the virulent poison that ravaged his body, ultimately it resulting in a slow and agonizing death.


The direct predecessor of the Excoriators' current Chapter Master, Zachariah Kersh, Quesiah Ichabod was known as the greatest Excoriator to have ever lived. When Chapter Master Ichabod had come to the world of Ignis Prime to inspect the Excoriators' mountaintop garrison of Kruger Ridge, he found a slaughterhouse rather than a Chapterhouse, and a waiting ambush in the form of an attack by the Chaos Space Marines of the Alpha Legion. It was there, barricaded in the oratorium, that Chapter Scourge Zachariah Kersh had fallen to Dorn's Darkness, failing both his Master and his Chapter, and allowing the Alpha Legion's victory to become complete. Ichabod was severely injured during the failed assassination attempt. Quesiah was sent back to their Chapter home world of Eschara to be treated by one of the Chapter's best, the Lord Apothecary Absalom. Though strong, the Chapter Master's wounds were grievous, leaving him writhing in envenomed agony. The Alpha Legion's assassination had ultimately failed, but they had employed a virulent toxin for which the Excoriators' Chapter Apothecarion had no record, nor antidote. Chapter Master Ichabod eventually died, and upon his death, Corpus-Captain Zachariah Kersh, the only Exocriator to survive the onslaught of the Cholercaust on Certus-Minor, was appointed as the Chapter's new commander.


  • Legion of the Damned (Novel) by Rob Sanders

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