The Red Scimitars is a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of unknown Founding and origin. Little else is known about this Chapter in Imperial records except for the location of its homeworld within the Pandraxx Sub-sector of the Acteron Sector in the Segmentum Ultima.

Chapter HistoryEdit

Notable CampaignsEdit

  • Battle with the Black Legion (Unknown Date) - In a clash with Heretic Astartes, after an unexpected failure of the rites of teleportation aboard their Battle Barge Edge of Rage, a full squad of Red Scimitars 1st Company Veterans were torn asunder by the forces of the Immaterium, their remains painted upon the walls of the vessel's teleportarium. Even so, the other Space Marines comprising Strike Force Ultra who successfully made the teleportation went on to complete their mission, materialising deep within a Black Legion stronghold and turning its warlord's throne room into a charnel house.
  • The Pandraxx Annihilation (345.998.M41-800.998.M41) - In 345.998.M41, Chaos Cultists rose in a massive revolt across the Pandraxx System. Imperial forces within the system were able to successfully contain the revolt, until they were overwhelmed by a Chaos Space Marine battle fleet which launched a surprise attack in support of the rebels. When relief forces including the Red Scimitars finally arrived solar months later, the Chaos fleet had disappeared, leaving the entire Pandraxx System ravaged. Less than 1% of the population were left alive in the aftermath of the Chaos assault.
  • The Battle of Trantarion Station (913.998.M41) - When Chaos Space Marines belonging to the Angels of Pain Renegade Chapter mounted a raid on the Imperial world of Trantarion Station, they were engaged by the Space Marines of the Red Scimitars Chaper's 4th and 5th Battle Companies. The running battle lasted several solar days until the Renegade Astartes were defeated and forced to retreat from the star system. As a last act of defiance and vindictiveness, the Renegades unleashed a barrage of seismic missiles and Virus Bombs upon the doomed planet, destroying the colony and rendering the entire planet uninhabitable by humans for centuries.

Chapter FleetEdit

  • Edge of Rage (Battle Barge) - The Edge of Rage was a Battle Barge of the Red Scimitars Chapter which took part in the Strike Force Ultra assault upon a Black Legion stronghold.
  • Shahmsihr (Strike Cruiser) - The Shahmsihr is a Strike Cruiser of the Red Scimitars.

Chapter AppearanceEdit

When a new Red Scimitars Astartes is first granted the right to wear his Power Armour, he begins to write a poem about his accomplishments and victories upon the chest of the battle-plate, adding details of his every deed. Though the Red Scimitars paint their armour red, some of their older suits are so laden with these inherited scripts that they appear to be painted a deep crimson or even black from a distance. When a Red Scimitars Astartes died and his armour was passed to the next young Initiate to inherit it, the new Space Marine was inspired by the deeds of his predecessors in that suit, and would know that his own would soon be added to the Chapter's history for all time.

Chapter ColoursEdit

The Red Scimitars' Chapter colours are red and black.

Chapter BadgeEdit

The Red Scimitars' Chapter badge is not listed in current Imperial records.


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