A Repulsor Impact Field is a Tau device capable of unleashing a shockwave of force that can slam into the foe with devastating results. The technologies used in the Repulsor Impact Field were the result of decades of Tau attempts to reverse-engineer tractor beam technology recovered from Ork wrecks. Whilst the Earth Caste’s attempts to decipher its workings have largely proven futile -- in no small part due to the complete lack of logical, uniform construction employed by Greenskins -- the sum total of Tau ingenuity has so far managed to produce a few functioning Repulsor Impact Field systems. Field-testing has proven them to be devastating weapons capable of emitting shock waves of gravitic energy that smash into assaulting foes with immense lethal force. The Repulsor Impact Field is a Tau Battlesuit signature Support System available only to Battlesuit pilots of the rank of Shas’vre or higher.


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