A Rod of Night is a rare Necron artefact that takes the form of a rod of black metal about one metre long. Its surface is inlaid with silver and gold hieroglyphs, and it is often topped with an emblem of the Necron dynasties. Much more than a status symbol, a Rod of Night is able to siphon energy from technological devices when striking them, pulling the stolen power through the air along invisible pathways and storing it to be expended at the desire of the Necron noble wielding the weapon. This energy can be used to either manifest ranged electrical blasts akin to those of Tesla Weapons, add additional power to other attacks of the wielder, or increase the self-repair capabilities of the Necron noble, nearby units or friendly vehicles. Rods of Night are weapons found exclusively as part of the armouries of Necron royals, such as Necron Overlords, Necron Lords and Necron Destroyer Lords.


  • Black Crusade: The Tome of Fate (RPG), pg. 120

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