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Sacris Claymore

A Sacris Claymore

A Sacris Claymore is a large version of the traditional weapon favoured by the feral barbarian clans of the world of Sacris in the Calixis Sector. These prodigious swords are used exclusively by the Battle-Brothers of the Storm Wardens Space Marine Chapter. The feral clansmen of Sacris are raised with giant claymores in their hands. After a warrior’s transfiguration into a Space Marine is complete, the sword of his youth is a light and simple thing, but the Storm Wardens have made a habit of forging improved versions of these primitive weapons of size and materials befitting a member of the Adeptus Astartes. It is far from unheard of for an enraged Storm Warden to favour his simple claymore over a Power Sword, particularly when matters of honour are at stake. A Sacris Claymore replaces the Astartes Combat Knife, and requires two hands to wield.


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