The Scapula-class Deep Space Fighter is a deep space reconnaissance fighter used by the Imperial Navy to conduct long-range scouting, interdiction and protection sorties. This highly sophisticated class of Attack Craft is outfitted to operate light years away from any support craft. The Scapula is usually deployed in squadrons consisting of around twenty fighters each.

The Scapula has a six-man crew -- a pilot, Navigator, three weapons officers and an engineer. Each fighter is the size of a small cargo ship and is equipped with sophisticated Augur systems and a bellyful of ordnance. In battle, if any spacecraft tries to escape from a warzone, or to break into it, it is the role of the Scapula to spot and challenge them. The Scapula is considered by some to be the most complex and valuable Attack Craft a sector naval command could muster. The mission profile and presence of a Navigator lends credence to the possibility that the Scapula-class is a Warp-capable ship, able to operate without carrier spacecraft on extended missions.


The main armament of a Scapula-class fighter is its guided torpedos. Scapulas are also armed with pulse laser batteries midships and an aft facing turret operated by dedicated weapons officers, along with twin pilot-operated gatling weapons mounted under the spacecraft's nose. With this array of weapons, Scapula can engage many types of enemy spacecraft and is a fearsome weapon of the Imperium of Man.

Adeptus Mechanicus Technical SpecificationsEdit

The technical specifications of the Scapula-class Fighter are not publicly available.


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