An Eldar Shadow-class Cruiser

The Shadow-class Cruiser is a typical example of all Eldar capital ships. Its multiple solar sails give it tremendous speed and manoeuvrability, able to outrun even the Escort ships of most other intelligent races of the galaxy. The Shadow-class combines tremendous speed, manoeuvrability, and offensive firepower into a single, highly-effective package. The bane of Imperial shipping in the Koronus Expanse, Shadow-class Cruisers normally form the centre of an Eldar Corsair strike fleet.

Notable Shadow-class CruisersEdit

  • Black Star - The most infamous Shadow-class Cruiser to fight in the Gothic War was the Black Star. Commanded by the so-called "Prince" Conanmaol of the Executioners, the Black Star accounted for the destruction of several Imperial capital ships and the loss of a considerable tonnage of Imperial merchant shipping. The Black Star eluded Imperial pursuit for the entirety of the Gothic War and continues to lead attacks from the depths of the Graildark Nebula to this day.
  • Bright Claw
  • Celestial King
  • Chariot of Mathurir
  • Child of Khaine


  • Hull: Approximately 4.7 kilometres long, 1.4 kilometres abeam at solar sail "wings"
  • Class: Shadow-class Cruiser
  • Mass: Approximately 16 megatonnes
  • Crew: Unknown
  • Acceleration: 8 gravities maximum sustainable acceleration


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