Shaprias is a Feral World located in the binary star system of Lamptan in the Badab Sector of the Segmentum Ultima. During the Badab War, in mid-910.M41, a joint Space Marine task force composed of Astartes from the Salamanders and Minotaurs Chapters, augmented by an Imperial Navy task force, attacked the Secessionist-held world in a bold planetary assault operation, destroying their bastions and training camps while the bulk of the enemy warships were away on some mission of plunder. Working in conjunction with one another, the resolute scions of Vulkan and the savage Minotaurs destroyed the Secessionists in a series of blood-soaked, close-quarter combats. Though the Secessionists counter-attacked with martial fury they could not stem the Loyalists' advance and one by one, the Secessionist bastions fell and victory was claimed in the Emperor's name.


Shaprias is one of two near-identical inhabitable worlds found within the binary star system of Lamptan. It was first discovered by an Adeptus Mechanicus Magos Biologis in the 39th Millennium. That stable, human-habitable worlds existed in such a locale was extremely unusual, and was the result, in the judgement of the Scholam Astra, of the reality-warping influence of the Maelstrom at the outer reaches of which the Lamptan System is located. Both Shaprias and its brother Scarfel are primordial worlds, covered in verdant jungles and subject to active volcanism and turbulent storms. Shaprias alone, however, has been recorded as possessing a native population of atavistic humans. This population exists in a pre-technological state as a myriad of warring, feral tribes, completely untouched by the blessed influence of the Imperium. It was this lack of Imperial presence that made Shaprias such a logical place for the placement of Secessionist bases.

Departmento Cartographicae Planetary DatabaseEdit

The population of Shaprias in 910.M41 was unconfirmed, but estimated to number from 20-50 million indigenous atavistic humans with moderate levels of Warp taint evidence in the general population.

  • Class: Type Trans-Tellurian, (Rotational period: 60.7 standard hours, 1.05 G, 1.9 tm)
  • Tithe Grade: Exactus Nil - This world exists outside the grace of the God-Emperor of Mankind.
  • Climate/Geography/Biosphere: This world is covered in verdant jungles and subject to active volcanisam and turbulent storms. Shaprias has been recorded as possessing a native population of atavistic humans which exists in a pre-technological state as a myriad of warring, barbaric tribes.
  • Governmental Type: None.
  • Planetary Governor: None.
  • Adepta Presence: None.
  • Military: None.
  • Trade/Economy/Notes: Shaprias is forbidden to non-Adeptus Imperial contact.


  • Imperial Armour Volume Ten - The Badab War - Part Two, pp. 23-25

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