Shas'O Or'es'Ka of the Tau Empire

Shas'O Or'es'Ka is the Tau Fire Caste commander served as the commander of the Tau forces during the campaign in the Kaurava System that was the centrepiece of the PC game Dawn of War - Soulstorm.


Shas'O Or'es'Ka, of the Fal'Shia Sept, is the leader of the Tau Fire Caste strike force sent to the Kaurava System. He seems less merciful than Shas'O Kais, who led Tau forces during the Dark Crusade. This is attributed to his attempts to use a new strategy that deviates from the traditional Mont'ka and Kauyon techniques; known as Great Strength, Great Strike. If Or'es'Ka succeeds in colonising the Kaurava System, the Tau commanders consider implementing this tactic in standard Tau warfare. The Tau used a secret, but heavily fortified moon base named Nan Yanoi that was armed with the formidable Ar'Ka Cannon as a stronghold from which to launch all their operations in the Kaurava System.


Or'es'Ka goes to battle in an XV22 Stealthsuit. Similar to O'Kais, Or'es Ka's suit can be outfitted with a Flamer, Missile Pods, a Jetpack, a Stealth Field and a Shield Drone as upgrades. A Multi-tracker, Shield Generator, and a Marker Drone distinguish his suit from that of his predecessor, as well as his use of such weapons as a Fusion Blaster which can stun vehicle crews and a Cyclic Ion Blaster that is a potent anti-infantry weapon.


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