The Shattered Tower was a warband of Chaos Space Marines drawn from the Iron Warriors Traitor Legion. Following their parent legion's path, they were dedicated to Chaos Undivided. It is believed that they were utterly destroyed by their gene-brothers during the Dispute of Iron.

Warband History Edit

Notable CampaignsEdit

  • The Dispute of Iron (c.600-730.M34) - Its cause hidden to the eyes of the Imperium, a vast civil war erupts on the Daemon World of Medrengard and rapidly spreads to the other domains of the Iron Warriors. Ancient pacts of fealty and alliance are called upon and scores of Chaos Space Marine warbands, Daemons and Traitor Titan Legions are drawn into the maelstrom of relentless battle. This bitter feud is accredited at creating several sub-factions of Iron Warriors still active to the present day, such as the Steel Brethren, while utterly destroying others such as the Shattered Tower. As abruptly as it was begun the war suddenly ended, leading some to believe that the official conflict had been carried out according to the Daemon Primarch Perturabo's design in order to weed out the weak and the unworthy from his scions.

Warband Appearance Edit

Warband Colours Edit

The Shattered Tower's warband colour scheme is not listed in current Imperial records.

Warband Badge Edit

The Shattered Tower's badge is not listed in current Imperial records.

Sources Edit

  • Imperial Armour Volume Thirteen - War Machines of the Lost & The Damned by Andy Hoare with additional material by Alan Bligh & Neil Wylie, pg. 22