A typical Ork Shoota

A Shoota is a kinetic, ballistic weapon used by the Orks that is chosen not for its efficiency but for the amount of noise it makes and the amount of damage it can do. The best Shootas are deafening and deadly in equal measure. Like the Slugga, Shootas are not very accurate. This suits the Orks just fine since they seem less interested in accuracy than in causing damage and raising a ruckus. The noise of a Shoota will give Orks a morale boost and can cause enemies to lose their morale and retreat from the overpowering noise of dozens of Shootas. None the less, mobs of Shoota Boyz make up for their lack of accuracy with the sheer volume of fire directed at their targets.

Shootas are the Ork equivalent to Space Marine Bolters. Essentially a machine gun (most even look like early World War I machine guns), the Shoota is the weapon any Ork looks at getting when he wants "moar dakka". Mobs of Slugga Boyz will often have a few Boyz armed with Shootas to add a little extra sting, but entire mobs of Shoota Boyz are also common; footslogging across the field sending torrents of bullets at any enemy in range. An Ork mob may trade in their Sluggas and Choppas for a Shoota if the technology and materials are available.

Notable VariantsEdit

Big ShootaEdit

Ork Big Shoota

An Ork Big Shoota

A Big Shoota is a loud, heavy, large-calibre machine gun that bucks and sparks when the trigger is pulled. Quite simply it is a larger caliber Shoota, and has a greater range and damage potential compared to a Shoota. A Big Shoota is also commonly fitted with an attached bayonet for melee. A Big Shoota has twice the range of a regular Shoota. Big Shootas are also less prevalent on the battlefield, as on average there is only one Ork armed with a Big Shoota for every 10 Orks in a mob, up to an average of three Big Shootas in a mob of 30 Ork Boyz.

Iron Sight ShootaEdit

ORK IronSightShoota

An Ork Iron Sight Shoota

With this weapon, the Orks appear to be utilizing tracer round technology. Extremely rapid fire, even for an Ork weapon, but their accuracy seems to be markedly improved by red tracer ammunition. The Ordo Xenos has launched an inquiry into whether or not these are some sort of sorcerous ammunition rounds. The capture of one of these weapons has been authourised and approved. They can be located easily on the battle field by their more metallic sound they make, lower pitched and with more echo than standard Ork weapons.

Twin-Linked ShootaEdit

Ork Twin-Linked Shoota

An Ork firing a Twin-Linked Shoota

Ork Mekboyz often customise their Shootas by adding an additional barrel for more firepower. These custom Shootas cost their clients much more teef than the usual Shoota, and are often utilised by both Ork Nobs and Warbosses. Often times these deadly weapons are incorporated into Mega Armour.