Death Jester Shuriken Cannon

A deadly Shrieker Cannon

A Shrieker Cannon, known as Buanna in the Eldar Lexicon, is an upgraded version of the standard Eldar Shuriken Cannon with a longer barrel. Utilised exclusively by the macabre Harlequin Death Jesters, these weapons are infinitely more cruel than a typical Shuriken Cannon, as Shrieker Cannons fire projectiles impregnated with virulent genetic toxins known as Margrech, which turn the luckless victim into a walking bomb. The special Shrieker ammunition is hollow and contains a genetically tailored enzyme-based serum. As the missile hits its target, the centripetal forces created by the spinning disc force the toxin through microscopic holes in the shuriken's spines and into the target. The serum works in a very complex and unpleasant manner, combining with the victim's own genetic material, twisting and distorting tissues, and causing organs to to malfunction in a spectacular fashion. Eventually the victim is driven into a violent delirium as the serum reaches his brain and he loses control of his body. Afterwards the pace of the constantly replicating genetic serum reaches a fever pitch as the blood boils, organs rupture and flesh sears from within, before the victim explodes with sickening violence. The characteristic shrieking noise of these rounds is caused by the rush of air into the hollow missile as serum is forced into the victim. This noise has prompted Imperial troops to give the weapon its name "Shrieker."


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