Sicarus is a Daemon World located deep within the Eye of Terror, and is the current homeworld of the Word Bearers Traitor Legion. The planet was conquered by the Word Bearers after the Horus Heresy, when the Forces of Chaos were driven by the forces of the Imperium into the Eye of Terror, and has been occupied as such for 10,000 standard years. From here, the veteran Dark Apostles of the Legion who make up the ruling Dark Council watch over the Word Bearers Legion in their Primarch's absence. The Word Bearers seek to orchestrate the corruption of the Imperium from within at the hands of the various Chaos Cults and witches' covens they sponsor across the galaxy. The Word Bearers continue to fanatically wage their Long War against the Imperium of Man, and they do not intend for it to end until every icon of the False Emperor lies shattered at their feet and He has been toppled from the life-sustaining mechanisms of the Golden Throne to wither and die. Only in this way can Mankind finally be free to understand the truth and glory of Chaos.

Beneath a roiling sky of fire and blood, Sicarus is a world completely covered by vast sprawling cathedrals, temples and monuments dedicated to the worship of the Ruinous Powers of Chaos in the guise of Chaos Undivided and it is the homeworld of the Word Bearers Traitor Legion and its Daemon Prince Lorgar. Spider-legged cranes and slaves numbering in the millions constantly toil in a never-ending task to raise more structures of devotion and worship, level upon level atop the existing crumbling edifices and cathedrals, producing obelisks and spires many kilometres high. As a result, the majority of buildings on Sicarus are subterranean; a labyrinthine warren of interconnected structures devoted to the worship of Chaos. The seat of the Dark Council of Dark Apostles that rules Sicarus in Lorgar's name is the Basilica of the Word -- an immense cathedral fortress crowned with hundreds of five-kilometre-high barbed spires, each studded with jagged spikes, upon which are impaled countless living sacrifices dedicated to the Dark Gods. Within another structure, known as Templum Inficio, unseen by even his own Chaos Space Marines since the Word Bearers arrived on the world, is the Daemon Prince Lorgar who maintains a constant meditation on the will of the Chaos Powers that has remained undisturbed since the Word Bearers fled into the Eye of Terror 10,000 Terran years ago. The bodies of the Word Bearers' fallen Dark Apostles are buried in Sicarus' unholy soil.


  • Dark Apostle (Novel) by Anthony Reynolds
  • Dark Disciple (Novel) by Anthony Reynolds


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