Skarbrand the Exiled

Skarbrand the Exiled One

Skarbrand the Exiled One is a Bloodthirster, a Greater Daemon of the Blood God Khorne. Skarbrand betrayed the Blood God due to the machinations of Tzeentch, the Lord of Change, and was exiled from the service of Khorne.


Skarbrand, once the mightiest of Bloodthirsters, was the most favoured of Khorne. No daemon had served the Blood God more faithfully or shed more blood than Skarbrand. This mighty Bloodthirster once led the greatest of Khorne's daemonic legions, slaughtering untold millions in the cause of murder. Worlds were left ravaged in the wake of the carnage wrought by the Greater Daemon as well as the realms of the other Chaos Gods with equal rage. Skarbrand's undoing was a result of his utter dedication to destruction.

Tzeentch, the Lord of Change, had noted the aptitude of Khorne's favoured slaughterer and through his guile and manipulative whispers, fuelled the anger of Skarbrand against his lord. Through Tzeentch's machinations, he continued to change the skein of the Bloodthirster's fate, goading and taunting the daemon lord into committing ever greater acts of bloodletting. He stoked the creature's rage into incandescent fury, until Skarbrand took up his axe and struck a blow against his master when Khorne's attention was elsewhere. Though a mighty blow that would have felled an army, the Bloodthirster's strike merely opened a minute chink in the armour of the Blood God, attracting his desolate gaze. Enraged at his servant's temerity, the Blood God's anger was terrible to behold. Khorne snatched up the wayward Bloodthirster by his throat and proceeded to throttle him until all that remained of Skarbrand's personality and thought had been driven out, leaving only the burning rage that had powered his fateful axe strike. After dragging the Greater Daemon to the pinnacle of the Brass Citadel, he held aloft the Bloodthirster for all within his realm to see, an example to all who dared to challenge his rule. Khorne then hurled Skarbrand across the Realm of Chaos.

Skarbrand blazed a trail of fiery destruction, a rage-filled meteor flying across the realms of the Chaos Gods, leaving scorched devastation in his wake. When he finally crashed to a stop, the daemon lord carved a great canyon with his landing, his leathery wings torn asunder by the force of the impact. Exiled for eternity, the frustrated Skarbrand bellowed his wrath towards the heavens. He then set upon an eternal path of slaughter that would dwarf all the bloodshed that had come before it. Spurred on by his mindless betrayal, Skarbrand has become the mindless embodiment of wrath incarnate. Bloodshed and war inevitably follows wherever he treads. Oceans of blood have been shed in the name of Khorne with his legendary twin daemon-axes. But all this slaughter is for naught, for Khorne has no mercy in his black heart. Skarbrand's exile is eternal. Skarbrand continues to serve the Blood God more loyally than ever, despite his tortured banishment from his lord's realm.

In recent history, Skarbrand has appeared twice in the material universe. On both occasions he has wrought untold carnage and destruction in his wake. In the early years of the 41st Millennium, Skarbrand appeared on the doomed Imperial Agri-World of Gheistos during the lamentable Gheistos Cataclysm. When the Vorpal Swords Space Marine Chapter attempted to relieve the beleaguered forces of the Imperial Planetary Governor at the Governor's Fortress where his forces were besieged by a horde of daemons, they were attacked by Skarbrand the Exiled One. On the second occasion, the Bloodthirster faced Lord Commander Cervan Dante, the Chapter Master of the Blood Angels Chapter in single combat. The valiant Astartes clove the mighty Bloodthirster in twain at the Gates of Pandemonium banishing the Greater Daemon back to the Warp.


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