Skulltaker Updated

The Bloodletter Skulltaker, Sacred Executioner of Khorne

Skulltaker, also known as U'Zuhl, is an infamous Bloodletter of Khorne who has claimed a Juggernaut Daemonic Steed as his mount and has been anointed as the Blood God's own Sacred Executioner.


It is said that when Khorne created U'Zuhl, the first thing it did was decapitate the first creature it saw, another Bloodletter, which pleased the Blood God immensely. When U'Zuhl finally took its 888th skull for Khorne, it was anointed as the Sacred Executioner of Khorne and took the title Skulltaker.

In the midst of every battle he participates in, Skulltaker seeks out the mightiest foes on the battlefield so that he may slay them himself with his serrated Hellblade. Those who flee this confrontation are cut down without remorse, while those who stand their ground usually suffer the same fate, though at a slower and far more painful pace. Skulltaker likes to take its time with foes, dismembering them limb by limb yet not taking their life until the end to prolong its pleasure in the slaughter. Only when its opponent is a limbless horror upon the ground does it offer up death, grabbing their head, intoning the eight Words of Sacrifice while it uses sorcery to wreathe the victim's head in hellfire, burning away flesh and muscle until only a bare, charred skull remains. Skulltaker then rips the skull from the body and places it within the grisly sack it carries, which contains all the other skulls it has liberated from their owners during the battle.

When Skulltaker returns to Khorne's Brass Citadel within the Realm of Chaos in the Warp, it presents its newest trophies to the Blood God. Khorne impales these skulls upon the brass spikes of his keep. The skulls of opponents who presented a particular challenge he allows Skulltaker to keep as trophies. Skulltaker then weaves them into the horrific Cloak of Skulls he wears using fleshy sinew taken from the bodies of other victims.

Skulltaker's Prominent Victims

Among Skulltaker's tens of thousands of victims, these are some of the most notable:

  • During the First War for Armageddon Skulltaker slaughtered one quarter of the Grey Knights Captains who fell in that conflict.
  • Skulltaker slaughtered the Ork Warboss Grimsnag Urk and his bodyguard of Ork Nobs on Agripina-6.
  • Skulltaker slew 17 Eldar Exarchs during the fighting on the world of Haranshemash.



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