Sons of Grimaldus

The Sons of Grimaldus herald another triumph against the Orks while fighting on Armageddon

The Sons of Grimaldus are a special formation of the Black Templars Chapter of Space Marines formed in the wake of the Third War for Armageddon in 998.M41. Chaplain Grimaldus entered legend during the Battle of Helsreach Hive, one of the worst campaigns in that terrible conflict. For more than 60 solar days, he commanded the defenders of the Temple of the Emperor Ascendant against a massive horde of Orks. Eventually, with the defenders cut off and outnumbered hundreds to one, the temple fell. Miraculously, Grimaldus and a handful of the Black Templars with him survived. These few swore to avenge the brave warriors, mortal and Astartes alike, who had fought and died beside them. Other Black Templars flocked to their banner, and from that day the special formation of the Chapter known as the Sons of Grimaldus have harried the Orks from one end of Armageddon to the other, and now pursue them even as they flee into the depths of space. They will not rest until Ghazghkull Thraka and every Ork under his command has been slain.


  • Chaplain Grimaldus
  • 1 Black Templars Command Squad
  • 1 Squad of Sword Brethren Terminators
  • 1 Squad of Sword Brethren Assault Terminators (Terminators armed for melee combat)
  • 2 Squads of Sword Brethren
  • 5 Squads of Black Templars Initiates (Squad composition varies)


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