Son of the Cyclops2

A Rubricae of the Sons of the Cyclops, a special formation within the Black Legion dedicated to the service of Tzeentch

The Sons of the Cyclops are a special formation of Chaos Space Marines found within the Black Legion who are wholly dedicated to the service of Tzeentch. The Sons of the Cyclops are the smallest of the formations dedicated to a single Chaos God within the Black Legion. Consisting of the followers of the Lord of Change, including Chaos Sorcerers and their attending Rubricae, the Sons of the Cyclops hold an amount of power completely disproportionate to their diminutive numbers within the Black Legion. This is because of the many favours Abaddon the Despoiler lavishes upon the Sons of the Cyclops' leaders; powerful psykers and sorcerers like Zaraphiston and Ygethmor the Deceiver. Gifted seers and diviners, they make up the core of Abaddon's closest and most trusted advisers, peering into the future and guiding the multiple components of a Black Crusade toward Abaddon's ultimate goals.


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