To the coreward of the Adrantis Nebula in the Calixis Sector lies the unique mining colony world of Soryth, an icy satellite famous for its rare frozen gas deposits.

Departmento Cartographicae Planetary DataEdit

  • Equatorial Circumference: 148,000 Miles. 
  • Class: Mining World
  • Satellites: A number of small moons orbit the world. They have not been given names and seem to be nothing but barren lumps of rock and ice. A larger moon, Lacyrm, is a rocky moon bound in a thin crust of ice. It is notable only for its size. 
  • Population: 20,000 penal colonists. 
  • Climate Classification: Extremely Cold. 
  • Mean Surface Temperature: -210 °C. 
  • Tropospheric Composition: Soryth has no atmosphere. 
  • Climatic Regions: The whole planet is a frozen wasteland. 
  • Imperial Guard Recruitment: None. 
  • Contact with Other Worlds: There are no stable Warp routes linking Soryth to other worlds so travel to and from the planet is unsafe and unpredictable. When the Warp storms surrounding the world abate somewhat, ships from Tranch and Baraspine often make their way to the mining world. 


  • Guide to the Calixis Sector (PDF)

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