Specialist Games is the division of Games Workshop which sells tabletop wargames aimed at older gamers who seek more tactically challenging wargames than those sold to Workshop's core market (which is served by such games as Warhammer 40,000).

The Specialist Games rules are normally developed openly by the design studio and the online community and playtested by hobbyists over the world, although some closed-source development occurs too.

Most of the rulebooks and supplements for the games are released both as physical books and downloadable PDF documents (The exception being 'The Battle of Five Armies').

The Games Workshop policy regarding how to promote the Specialist Games division is a source of some concern to fans, since releases for the games are few and far between.

The Specialist Games lineup contains the following games:

Warhammer 40,000 universeEdit

  • Epic - A wargame for fighting massive battles with 6mm-scale miniatures.
  • Battlefleet Gothic - A wargame based around spacecraft combat.
  • Inquisitor - A highly-detailed skirmish wargame using large (54mm) miniatures.
  • Necromunda - A skirmish wargame & campaign system, depicting gang warfare.

Warhammer Fantasy universeEdit

  • Blood Bowl - An American football-style game using Warhammer Fantasy races. The world of Blood Bowl is a more light-hearted, parodic rendering of the Warhammer Fantasy setting.
  • Mordheim - A Fantasy skirmish wargame & campaign system. An expansion (Empire in Flames) was also released.
  • Warmaster - A wargame for fighting large fantasy battles with 10mm-scale miniatures.

The Lord Of The Rings Strategy Battle Game universeEdit