Note: This page refers to the Chaos artefact. If you are looking for the unique Necron weapon wielded by the Cryptek Chronomancer Orikan the Diviner, please see Staff of Tomorrow.


The Staff of Tomorrow created by Kairos Fateweaver

The Staff of Tomorrow was constructed by the two-headed Lord of Change Kairos Fateweaver himself, its core imbued with the arcane essence of rival Lords of Change. The rod is wrought of changefire, and is saturated with prophetic visions glimpsed in the Well of Eternity. It is a foundation worthy of bearing that which rests atop it -- the artefact known as Kairos' Tome of Destiny. This book records what both of the Fateweaver's heads proclaim, mixing insights into the shrouded past with visions of possible futures.

As Kairos croaks, new text scribes across the pages, morphing and rewriting itself even as time and events unfold. To look upon those pages induces madness, but to be struck by the staff itself is worse, for it is flux made manifest. Those blessed by its touch ripple with agonising transmutations. As he is blind to the present, Kairos often uses the book as reference, judging his position in time by the pages currently being written.

A rebellious Daemon Prince once managed to steal it away and plant it in the Garden of Nurgle in the Realm of Chaos. However, during one of the many battles of the Great Game, Kairos Fateweaver managed to infiltrate the garden and retrieve the staff, and now uses it to enhance his already potent precognitive and sorcerous abilities.


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