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The Stompa is a small Ork Gargant, the equivalent of an Imperial Battle Titan of the Warhound or Reaver-class. In true Ork fashion, every Stompa is uniquely different, but equally deadly. The standard Stompa (if such a word can be applied to Orks) generally consist of one arm with some sort of massive hammer or chainsaw or equally suitable smashy-slashy thing, with the other arm consisting of several massive guns and rokkits, with the body festooned with more guns, though not as big as the main gun on the arm.

However, the Stompa also has a religious significance to nearby Orks. Stompas are regarded as massive walking incarnations of Gork (or Mork) and the sight of the sheer carnage even one Stompa can conjure can drive even the most placid Ork into a wild bloodlust.



The internal anatomy of a "typical" Ork Stompa, if such a thing can be said to exist!

Two generally accepted sub-categories of Stompa are the Goff Klawstompa, and the Big Mek's Stompa.

Goff KlawstompaEdit

The Goff Klawstompa was popularised by the Goff clan, although it is found among other clans, and replaces the Stompa's Deth Kannon and standard Titan close-combat weapon arm with two, piston-drive "Big Klaws." Such is the Ork way that each weapon is deadly in a new and often unexpected way. Some have massive claws that toss tanks aside, or stack them up like a macabre house of cards. Others connect the two arms together with a massive rolling-pin type device, capable of clearing paths through even the most well-armoured gun line. They are also armed with the Flamebelcha, an extremely powerful Titan-grade flamethrower. The Klawstompa is a Stompa variation rarely seen on the battlefield, unless a huge Goff WAAAGH! ensues, because they are built by Goff Meks, who normally prefer more infantry-centric war engines.

Big Mek's StompaEdit

The Big Mek's Stompa does the precise opposite, replacing the close combat weapon with even more guns. Massive cannons, insane rapid-fire gatlings, a veritable plethora of lesser guns, occasionally a rokkit piloted by Grots (willing or otherwise), and not so occasionally six of such rokkits. Some Meks feeling over-protective of their creations customise a force field to try and deflect the incoming fire, which generally is not relyed upon too much as A) They generally break down and B) The Stompa does a good amount of damage deflection on its own. Some Mek Stompas have Titan weapons on their arms; looted from a fallen Imperial war machine. Stompa creation is regarded as the pinnacle of a Mek's work, since, after all, Stompas aren't cheap. However, once a Stompa is built, many Orks will flock towards its banner, bringing with them more Meks, more teef and in a circuitous way, more Stompas, and once two or three Stompas are on a rampage, woe betide any who try to stop them. Ork Meks have been known to customize their Stompa's with colours, banners, skulls and spikes.


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