A Stormhawk Interceptor of the Ultramarines Chapter

The Stormhawk Interceptor, or simply the Stormhawk, is an air superiority fighter and gunship used by the Adeptus Astartes. A close relative to the Stormtalon Gunship, the Stormhawk is a highly specialised fighter craft that is capable of both void and atmospheric flight. With thick frontal armour and heavy firepower, they make excellent dogfighters, hurtling through the clouds to execute target after target in a blazing display of overwhelming force. Descending at incredible velocities from orbiting Astartes warships, Stormhawks will often deploy in the Vehemence Attack Pattern, with Stormhawk squadrons unleashing golden haloes of flares from their Infernum Halo-launchers to dissuade incoming enemy fire, a brilliant signal that the skies belong to the Emperor of Mankind.

Stormhawk squadrons are launched from mag-cradles in the canaverous hangers of orbiting warships directly into battle. Whether duelling their foes through boiling storm clouds or hurtling between the crackling pylons of mountain-sized Generatoriums, these high-altitude fighter craft excel in dominating the air. While they can be flown in a formation of just a single aircraft, they can also be part of a flyer wing with up to four gunships.



A Stormhawk flyer wing of the Black Templars Chapter in combat

The Stormhawk Interceptor is a heavily armed air-superiority fighter and gunship, and its weaponry includes a wide array of weaponry to engage both air and ground targets. The Stormhawk's main weapon is an under-slung laser weapon known as a Las-talon, which fires two blasts of laser energy in quick succession, ensuring a clean kill against even the heaviest of armoured targets. The aircraft is also armed with twin-linked Assault Cannons, located under the tips of its wings, and a set of twin-linked Heavy Bolters, located between the craft's wing-mounted engines and the fuselage. The Stormhawk can have its Las-talon replaced with an Icarus Stormcannon, and can have the twin-linked Heavy Bolters swapped out with either a set of Skyhammer Missile Launchers or Typhoon Missile Launchers. The Stormhawk is also outfitted with armoured ceramite plating and an Infernum Halo-launcher.


The following is a list of known formations used by the Stormhawk Interceptor:


A Strike Wing of Stormhawks and Stormtalons

  • Strike Wing - The definition of skyborne versatility, an Adeptus Astartes Strike Wing is notable for its ability to both annihilate enemies as a massed Attack Pattern, pouring incredible firepower into high-value targets as a single entity, and to also split into several constituents to deal with discrete threats as the situation requires. When fighting as one, the Strike Wing's intimidating attack runs can take out entire columns of armour, smashing them apart and leaving nothing but billowing flame and ash. This formation is made up of two Stormhawk Interceptors and two Stormtalon Gunships.

Adeptus Mechanicus Technical SpecificationsEdit

Stormhawk Interceptor
Type Air Superiority Fighter and Gunship Operational Ceiling N/A (Orbital)
Vehicle Name Stormhawk Max Speed Unknown
World of Origin Unknown Range Unknown
Known Patterns Unknown Main Armament 1 under-slung Las-talon
Crew 1 Pilot Secondary Armament 2 wing-mounted twin-linked Assault Cannons, 2 wing-mounted Heavy Bolters
Powerplant 2 of an Unknown Engine Type Main Ammunition Unknown
Weight Unknown Secondary Ammunition Unknown / Unknown
Length Unknown Armour
Wingspan Unknown Superstructure Unknown
Height Unknown Hull Unknown
Access Points Armoured Cockpit Canopy Transport Capacity N/A

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