Target lock1

A Target Lock Tau Battlesuit Support System

A Target Lock is a sophisticated Tau target acquisition system. Infantry and Battlesuit versions of the Target Lock aid the user by identifying potential targets and plotting fire plans to counter them, thus allowing the bearer to target a different enemy unit from that engaged by the rest of his squad. A vehicle-mounted version of the Target Lock performs a similar role, except it allows different vehicle gunners within the same vehicle to more effectively engage multiple targets simultaneously. A Target Lock is a form of Tau Battlesuit Support System, though certain Fire Caste infantry and Battlesuit pilots of the rank of Shas'vre or higher may also be found with hard-wired versions of the system. This is particularly true for those who are equipped with Marker Lights so that they may designate priority targets whilst their squad provides covering fire. Tau skimmer vehicles can also be upgraded with a Target Lock as an additional support system.


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