• Thinking of getting back into modeling, when I was active in modeling yrs. ago, I  had an Eldar army. For the most part I ran Ulthwee, with intintions of running Beil Tan. Unfortunatly my army never got that large  to have a suitable Beil Tan army. Favorite squid was swooping hawks. I played back in 4th edition If i remember correctly. Thats a little about me. (We just all stopped playing at the same time no particular reason.)

    There are more armies with comparable stats to eldar then there are space marines, so my question is this, {{{{{shouldn't storm gaurdians play a much larger role when playing against squishy armies.}}}}}} Pro's /inititive/leader ship/weapon skill if i remember free grenades, I think unless this has changed. Also the abiliity to field 20 although expensive.  Cons marines get more versitile wargear (arms)for there troops also bull spit free weapons (Space wolves grey hunters and blood claws). if they increase the number of troops they penalize them selves (not being able to use afordable transports but are rewarded with more weapons./+5 save ,strength and toughness 3.seems as if Eldars squishy hand to hand needs some upgrades so that they would be purchased and used more my Eldar generals.  Yet if storm guardians increase there numbers there special weapons (arms) do not. I mainlly used gaurdian defenders when not playing ulthwee, but i have had success with the storm gaurdians as well.

    ALSO I never under stood, why give good inititive to eldar troops yet the models pay in pts. twice as much as tyranids imperial guard for the same save toughness and strength. I do believe they finally allowed storm gaurdians to purchase a power weapon, which does make more since having the better inititive.More about being effective against squishier armies. Eldar is one the best well rounded armies out there not being the best at any role but may be another look at the storm guardians other wise just yank them from the codex (just kidding) or give them a cheaper points cost and lower there leader ship more than a decade and gw still hasn't figured this out. By the way Space wolves have the ability (out of the new codex) to go horde and field fen wolves in there troop slot WTF is that really. hmmmmm.Sorry for being long winded, excited about getting back into modeling.(they do have to field grimnar to do this. One of my friends played I. Guard and Space wolves)

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    • You do have the new 6th ed Eldar Codex right?

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    • just simply reply dont question my intelligence and try to build up your own. no i do not, ive owned 2 at one time. again the subject is storm guardians. please sir.

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    • Anonymous editor,

      Shas'o'Kais wasn't questioning your intelligence, he was simply inquiring as to whether or not you have the Codex: Eldar (6th Edition)?  A simple 'no' would have sufficed, not a flippant answer that is only going to start a series of flaming wars. Please conduct yourself accordingly. Sometimes us 'old timers' do tend to act a bit jaded at times, but all in all, we're just poking fun. Please don't take us too seriously. Thanks!  Algrim Whitefang (talk) 21:47, August 23, 2013 (UTC)Algrim Whitefang

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    • I'm not insulting you in anyway. I'm just pointing out that you will need the new 6th Edition Eldar Codex before you can make a detailed analysis on Storm Guardians, considering the old codices are no longer valid and you will have to base your findings on the new rules.

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