Traitor's Bane

Traitor's Bane, master-crafted Force Sword of Grand Master Ezekiel

Traitor's Bane is a potent master-crafted two-handed Force Sword wielded by the Dark Angels Chapter's Grand Master of Librarians, Ezekiel, in battle. Radiating fell power, this sword was made to slay those who dared turn their back on the Emperor. Phased crystalline patterns along the force sword's blade coil iridescent psychic energy around it like a snake. This fell blade is rumoured to possess the trapped spirits of those Fallen Angels it has slain in battle. The rage of those betrayed is bound within this blade and, from the shrieks emitted by the traitors slain by it, their end is painful indeed. It is said that the blade grows darker in aspect, the shadows drawing in around it, whenever one of the Fallen are near.


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