Mars Sicarian Rustwalkers

Mars Sicarian Ruststalkers wielding Transonic Weapons

Transonic Weapons are specialised type of weapon utilised by the warriors of the Skitarii Legions of the Adeptus Mechanicus. When activated, these weapons emit a low, insistent buzz that makes stomachs turn and eyes vibrate in their sockets. When they strike armour, these weapons will adjust their hostile sonic field to match the armour's resonant frequency, quickly slicing right through it and, in the case of the feared Chordclaw, turning muscle, bone and fat to jelly.

​Known Transonic WeaponsEdit

  • Transonic Blade - Stiletto-swift weapons wielded in pairs by Sicarian Ruststalkers, transonic blades are a form of Transonic Weapon that augments the user's own strength to devastating effect.
  • Transonic Razor - A short dagger that can be wielded by Sicarian Ruststalkers alongside Chordclaws and Mindscrambler Grenades.
  • Chordclaw - A deadly needle-fingered claw that can remove vast parts of an enemy's body in a single mutilating strike.


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