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Mars Pattern Turbolaser

A Mars Pattern Turbo-Laser Destructor

The Turbolaser Destructor is a much larger, and very powerful version of a Lascannon that uses complex optical devices and heavy power input to amplify the laser beam into a wider, enhanced beam of laser energy, carrying enough punch to explosively vaporize its impact point in an area-of-effect blast. Turbolaser Destructors are found on various war engines, such as Thunderhawk gunships and several classes of Titans, including Warhounds, Reavers and Warlord -class Titans. Imperator-class Battle Titans also use Turbolaser Destructors as close defence weapons.

Notable ConfigurationsEdit

  • Single-Barreled - A single-bareled version of the Turbo-Laser is sometimes mounted on some patterns of Thunderhawk Gunships utilised by the Adeptus Astartes.
  • Double-Barreled - The double-bareled version of the Turbo-Laser is the most common variant, utilised by Warhound-class Scout Titans. These weapons are also sometimes fitted to the carapace hard points of a larger Reaver-class Battle Titans and 'Warlord-class Battle Titans.
  • Triple-Barreled (Laser Blaster) - A Laser Blaster is essentially a triple-barreled Turbo-Laser mounted onto a single hard point. These weapons are commonly found on Reaver-class Battle Titans and Warlord-class Battle Titans. An Imperator-class Titan can mount one or more Laser Blasters mounted on its massive carapace hard points.


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