Tyrant Guard-0

A wrathful Tyranid Tyrant Guard turns its rage towards the foes

The Tyrant Guard (Tyranicus scutatus) is a Tyranid biomorph whose main purpose is to serve as living shields for other, more important Tyranid biomorphs, particularly the Hive Tyrant. These creatures have an incredible resistance to injury and are only dimly aware of pain, shrugging off wounds that would blow a man apart. They are all but impervious to small arms fire, and should heavy weaponry be brought to bear, several salvoes are required to fell even one of these beasts. Blind and ultimately controlled by the Tyranid synapse-creatures they protect, these half-sentient but ferocious creatures appear to have been bio-engineered specifically to counter anti-Tyranid doctrine. It is also believed that Space Marine DNA was incorporated into the creation of the first Tyrant Guards by the Hive Fleet Norn-Queens, explaining this biomorph's extreme resilience in combat. This would also suggest that the Tyrant Guard possess a portion of the genetic material of the Emperor of Mankind.

Should their charge be slain, the Tyrant Guard will go berserk, lashing out and tearing at the enemy with brutal ferocity and savage abandon. A Tyrant Guard’s rampage is not guided by grief, nor a sense of neglected duty, for such things are alien concepts to the Tyranids. Rather, a Tyrant Guard’s reaction is pure instinct and part of the coldly calculated strategy of the Hive Mind. Hive Tyrants are vital to the Tyranid onslaught, and if the enemy finds a way to bring such a beast down, the Hive Mind does not want knowledge of how the feat was accomplished to survive the battle and be passed on to a future foe.

Source Edit

  • Codex: Tyranids (7th Edition) (Digital Edition), pg. 46


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