Warhammer 40k


Favorite 40K Humour Part 1

Here's some of my favorite 40K humour. Thought I would share it with everyone here! Enjoy! Algrim Whitefang (talk)

Humor - Space Wolves Fetch It

Space Wolves 'Fetch It!'

Kharn playing chess

Khârn the Betrayer playing chess

Star trek meets the terminators

Star Trek meets Space Marine Terminators

Tau Humour

A little Tau humor: Top Five Reasons Tau suck at close-combat (Sorry Shas'!

Tau Compensating



Seriously, how did we not see it!

Orky Tek

Gotta love Ork tek!!!

Imperail drop pods trouble

Someone's gonna have a real bad day!

Messy Handed God

Naughty! Poor Khaine!


Ain't nothin' but a 'G-thang' yo! It ain't easy bein' a pimp!


Sir Elton John would approve!

Eldar Rainbow

Eldar --- 'nuff said!

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