SM Description WD 93

Early description of the Warhammer 40,000 universe

Space Marine-WD 96

Greetings everyone!

Just thought I would add to this wiki by doing a blog post. My first one, (by the way) but nevertheless I'd like to bring to you something I call a Retro Review. First up, I'll be bringing to you, an in-depth look at everyone's favorite defenders of Mankind - the Space Marines. So without further ado, I present the Space Marines in their earliest incarnation - the Imperial Space Marines:

Imperial SM Description WD 93

Early 'Imperial Space Marines Description' - from White Dwarf, Issue 93

Crimson Fists WD 93

Artwork for one of my favorite 'old school' Astartes - the Crimson Fists

Early SM Diagram WD 93

Space Marine Diagram

RT-Crimson Fists Chapter Last Stand

Everyone's favorite Rogue Trader coverart of the Crimson Fists last stand on Rynn's World. It was this seminal piece of artwork that first drew in a lot of fans into the WH40K universe.

RT-Human Renegades

One of my favorites - two Human Renegades. Note the Space Marine Power Armour. A precursor to the later Chaos Space Marines perhaps?

RT-Humanity's Toughtes Warriors

Another favorite of mine - this piece of artwork was originally entitled 'Death World Hunt'. Love the camouflage-pattern of this unidentified Astartes

RT-Blood Angels in camo

Another cool pic of Blood Angels in an interesting camo-pattern, taking out an Ork

RT-Space Marines Colors & Markings

RT Era Space Marine Colours and Markings. Whatever did happen to those Field Police? Also, did you notice the Chaplain doesn't have his usual devotional death-mask (skull helm).

Field Police

Space Marine Field Police bringing Imperial law, to the lawless

RT-Assault Marines

RT era Assault Marines. Note; large turbine jet-backs. Love this pic! Made me want to have lots of assault marines in my army!

RT artwork 1

RT era pic of Space Marine opening up with a crew-served weapon.

RT artwork 2

Dark Angels Space Marines doing what they do best - kicking arse and taking names! Love the Marine on the left with the rhino horn on the beak, and the evil grin.

RT-Blood Drinkers Space Marine

A Blood Drinkers Space Marine walking by grim trophies. This pic really captures the darker aspect of the WH40K battlefields of the far future.

RT-Space Marine 1

Another one of my favorite pics of RT era Space Marines.

RT-Silver Skulls Space Marines Attack

Silver Skulls Space Marines attack!

RT-Marines with Heavy Weapons

Another seminal piece of RT Era artwork - Space Marines with Heavy Weapons. Love these early Plasma guns!

RT-Reporting To The Imperial Commander

A Space Marine reporting to his Chapter Master (known back then as an Imperial Commander). Note the stylized winged-skull on the shoulder guard. A symbol of his esteemed rank.

RT-Space Marine 2

RT Era Marine with Flamer

RT-Space Marine Blasting Hive Ganger

RT Era Marine blasting a Hive Ganger. Not sure what was up with the tinted-visor, though. Definitely a sign of the times (circa 1980's)

RT-Space Marine Formation

Space Marines in formation. An awesome pic that still sticks out in my mind as to why I got sucked into this hobby in the first place!

RT-Space Marine Still Rollin'

Can't keep a good Marine down! Despite the loss of his legs, this Astartes is rollin' in style, with all-terrain tank treads!

RT-Space Marine-Numerous Bionics

This Marine makes the 'Six-Million Dollar Man' look like a cheap piece of dime-store junk! Check out the numerous bionics. Love the chain-sword arm and the tank-tread foot.

RT-Space Marines In Battle

RT Era Space Marines fighting against an Ork Gargant. Gotta love these early concept designs.

RT-Spoils of War

Ultramarines subjugating Squats. Gotta' love the title of this piece, 'Spoils of War'. What exactly are they going to do with those squats anyways?

Space Marine Squad 2

A Space Marine squad during battle. Not necessarily the best art, but it definitely captures the feel of Marines in battle

Space Marine Squad

A Space Marine Squad of Flesh Eaters on patrol.

Space Marines Martin McKenna by Design Jobber

An Ultramarines Tactical Squad on patrol

Well everyone, hope you enjoyed perusing through this early artwork as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you! It's been fun strolling down memory lane! Til' next time! Ave Imperator! Ojor Va Russ! Leman Russ!


  • Warhammer 40,000 - Rogue Trader (Rule Book)
  • White Dwarf, Issue #93

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