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  • Alpharious Omegron

    So I haven't been uploading pictures lately but here is a picture of my space marine and a couple others at an astartes meeting he is Alfa legion and it's bad quality so I'm sorry !!! I have been trying to get better pictures but it's kinda hard lol.

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  • Alpharious Omegron

    40k Gmod pictures

    February 12, 2016 by Alpharious Omegron
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  • Alpharious Omegron

    Ok guys so in my time playing Garry's mod I have decided that we need a Warhammer 40k role play server. I think it will work out. So if you guys want to help out let me know in the comment sections and f everything goes well we will work on it so far I have gathered bolters lasguns melts guns and a couple others. Soon I will start designing maps but seriously if you guys want to help ou lemme know!!!!!

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