Hello, fellow servants of the Warhammer 40k universe!

I just wanted to tell you that the Spanish Wiki admins reached an agreement with your own admins back in december, and therefore some of us will be working for some weeks here, in order to link your English articles to our own Spanish ones, and vice versa. Some of these 'interlinks' were added already five years ago (e.g., Adeptus Mechanicus). I hope this doesn't disrupt your work, and don't hesitate to give me a shout if you find any of my boys harms your articles in any way.

My boss, Lord Eledan, will also be working on improving your frontpage, based more or less on our own template: Wikihammer 40k.

As for me, as some of you may have noticed, I'm working on a thorough revision of the sources pertaining each and every one of the known Chapters and Chaos warbands, so I'll be the one to add the Spanish links as I finish checking up each one. I'll try to add or correct the info and/or sources if I find mistakes, so please bear with me and help me be as helpful as possible, as I don't know all your rules and standards (many thanks to Vo0DoO40k for his corrections!).

For now, the Spanish users that are going to work on interlinking articles will be:

And of course me. I'll update this list as the need arises, so that you know who's officially working, not spamming xD If by any chance any of you wants to collaborate, you'll be very welcome - just tell me and we'll fit you in the plan =)

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