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The first battle I'll showcase is a skirmish with the forces of the Space Marine chapters; Blood Raven and Ultramarine. Fighting by their side is a detachment of the 412th Imperial Guard. The inquistion themselves has also deemed this battle worthy of joining. After a hard fought victory on 4 warbands of  Chaos (Death Guard, Thousand Sons, Emperors Children and World Eaters), I will be showing you the amassed army of the factions that managed to purge the powers of Chaos from this world. 

The battle for Horsen

Its the late 41st millennium and the Imperium has just discovered a small planet in the very outskirts of the milky way galaxy. This planet is extremely rich in resources and extremely small. Some unique quirk in its atmosphere makes it extremely hard to detect to deep spaces sensors, the only reason why it has been detected now is because of a massive energy surge. A detachment of the Blood Ravens space marine chapter has been sent to secure the planet for the Imperium. Lead by Gabriel Angelos himself and accompanied by Chaplain Prathios this Blood Ravens detachment will be a force to be reckoned with. It seems however, that the Imperium are not the only ones that have noticed the planet and its power surge. An unknown and new clan of Orks happened to be near the planet itself when the surge happened. The clan called themselves Smakers Gitz, led by not a proper grown Warboss but simply a Boss by the name of Gitz’smaker. Desperate for resources this new clan were to also join the battle ahead. Although the Blood Ravens were tasked with securing Horsen another chapter of the Astartes knew of this power surge. Being extremely well versed in everything Necron this particular chapter knew this energy surge was not at all benign. The name of this chapter was aptly named Necrons Bane and despite being denied access to the planet of Horsen by many higher ups in the Imperium, Chapter Master Ekias Mollas could not let this slide, his hatred for Necrons was too strong. Even though it would damn his chapter Ekias also departed with the entirety of Necrons Bane (being a smaller chapter they did not have many numbers). The Imperium were completely ignorant of the Necron threat and disregarded Ekias as a madman and informed Gabriel that if Necrons Bane were indeed stupid enough to face off against the Blood Ravens they were to be burned as heretics and traitors. Before long the Blood Ravens reached Horsens surface and began to set up their base of operations. Thinking it was only a rabble of Orks they were facing there was some discontent among the most bloodthirsty of the Blood Ravens. Little did they know their appetite was about to be more than appeased…

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