Warhammer 40k

  • Blueyhale

    Tyranids being the biggest threat to the Imperium and other xenos in the milky way galaxy then the question is; could they be running from someone?

    Tyranids may be the only known aliens to come from another galaxy but there is a another xenos that is a bane to all races; the green skins and I read sources and it is quite possible they inhabitate other galaxies (just like the nightmarish creatures of c***** censored by the Inquisition).

    So could the tyranids be running from or were driven out by the greenskins in that galaxy that they share?

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  • Blueyhale

    Did the geneseed carry genetic characteristic traits from their prespective primarchs and space marines inherited it from them?

    For example Iron Warriors are very intelligent and very good at solving defficult problems but are paranoid just like their primarch is.

    Then there are the War Hounds/World Eaters that are aggresive and eager for close combat they got that from their primarch long before the butcher nails were introduced to them.

    Then we have the vanilla ultramarines in the 40k; I read the novels, codexs and played the space marine game and something tells me that they are suffering genetic (characteristic) flaw (I think they got some form of OCPD) that makes them rigid, inflexible and lacking reasoning but there are only three ultra…

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  • Blueyhale

    Powers of the Pariah Gene

    December 15, 2015 by Blueyhale

    So the question is; what is extent of the Pariah Gene's power?  I read novels such as Horus Heresy Fear to tread, Dav Abnett's Inquistion novel series, the first necron codex and other codexs that have information about the dreaded Culexus Assassins.

    So they can nullify a pyker's phychic powers and make none-pykers uncomfortable in there presence?  Then what about daemons?  Do they feel intense pain or something because they are creatures made up of pure psychic energy?

    Can they also turn off their ability without using a mechanical device?

    Added Note: I forgot to mention that the Untouchables with the pariah gene are somehow 'invisible' to psykers and daemons unless they are in their line of sight(?).

    Another Added noted: I recorrected my mis…

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  • Blueyhale

    How would the Imperial Webway work?  So the Emperor discovered an alien device and it happens to be a ‘door’ that opens to the Webway.  So the Emperor (but this job was meant for Primarch Magnus) was to do with golden throne exactly?  To guide those ships in the webway?  To hold chaos back from getting into the webway? 

    If the Emperor did succeed in finishing the webway (but the Imperium might still need those navigators for where the webway can’t reach).  How would those Imperial Ships get into the webway, some kind of a webway drive (just like a warp drive) that’s built into those ships?  Each Eldar Craftworld has their own webway portal that means the Emperor needs to other build portal devices on other planets or would the Terran’s webway wou…

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  • Blueyhale

    Are Chaos Space Marines Delusional?

    I read this in a chaos space marine codex and some novels that the comments from the traitor legionnaires always say that the loyalist are not like the ‘great’ warriors that they fought in the Horus Heresy era, while in that 31st millennia the legionnaires were more numerous and more technologically advanced (and the Mechanicus were not extreme hoarders as their 41st counterparts were but that will be for another comment).

    Despite Chaos Space Marines lose (and sometimes win) to the loyalist Space Marines who are better trained (ATSKNF) and got some new gear and lost some (probably for game balance purposes).  Chaos Space Marines are also shadows of their former glory, mutation is rampant, they are not so nume…

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