Are Chaos Space Marines Delusional?

I read this in a chaos space marine codex and some novels that the comments from the traitor legionnaires always say that the loyalist are not like the ‘great’ warriors that they fought in the Horus Heresy era, while in that 31st millennia the legionnaires were more numerous and more technologically advanced (and the Mechanicus were not extreme hoarders as their 41st counterparts were but that will be for another comment).

Despite Chaos Space Marines lose (and sometimes win) to the loyalist Space Marines who are better trained (ATSKNF) and got some new gear and lost some (probably for game balance purposes).  Chaos Space Marines are also shadows of their former glory, mutation is rampant, they are not so numerous, they fail to preserve and maintained their technology (weapons [like thunder hammers], war-gear, etc) that came from the Horus Heresy era (and for some reason they don't go and raid a space marine chapter aroury to get new wargear and the latest stuff).

But what they lost, they gain new ones such as those terrifying daemon engines, obliterators & mutilators and many other daemonic things that are not for mortals to know (the benevolent Inquisition are keeping a close eye on me).

Do you think they are delusional or not?

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