So the question is; what is extent of the Pariah Gene's power?  I read novels such as Horus Heresy Fear to tread, Dav Abnett's Inquistion novel series, the first necron codex and other codexs that have information about the dreaded Culexus Assassins.

So they can nullify a pyker's phychic powers and make none-pykers uncomfortable in there presence?  Then what about daemons?  Do they feel intense pain or something because they are creatures made up of pure psychic energy?

Can they also turn off their ability without using a mechanical device?

Added Note: I forgot to mention that the Untouchables with the pariah gene are somehow 'invisible' to psykers and daemons unless they are in their line of sight(?).

Another Added noted: I recorrected my mispelling from paraiah to pariah.

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