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    (I don't own the Angry Marines, I'm writing this blog for non-canon reasons.)

    Angry Marines are non-canon Chapter who are shown to be very angry and foul mouthed.

    The Angry Marines are basically a meme from 4chan as an extreme Space Marine chapter, most pictures show the using "non-conventional" weapons such as a rocket launcher that launches Angry Marines. Angry Marines are represented holding their middle finger and violent.

    Their banner is usually an angry yellow face with swear words and other words on it or it is the "This is Sparta!!!" Meme.

    They appear in the Dark Crusade mod "Firestorm over Kronus.

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  • Boradzombiecreeper4

    When the Eldar fell due to the birth of Slaanesh, it seems odd on how the Eldar's pride became their bane. When the Eldar pursued their pleasures they were making a power in the warp powerful, Slaanesh is the Daemon god of pleasure and pride.

    Most Daemons can bend someone's mind and this power that became Slaanesh could have been powerful enough to bend most Eldars mind to live their lives of decadence to make Slaanesh be able to form. What I think is Slaanesh manipulated the Eldar into giving Slaanesh the power to form!

    Hopefully, this'll make sense.

    See what you think.

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  • Boradzombiecreeper4

    There is no Knowledge of the origins of the Blood Ravens, but I think it's possible that the Blood Ravens are successors of the Thousands Sons.

    Point one: The Thousand Sons and the Blood Ravens have a lot of Psykers and the Libarians in both were in high regard, as the Primarch of the Thousand Sons and the Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens were psykers.

    Point two: The Thousand Sons and the Blood Ravens both want to find hidden knowledge such as Ahriman's quest for the Black Libary and the Blood Ravens quest for their origins.

    It's possible that the knowledge found on Kronos during the events of Dark Crusade and which was destroyed by the Blood Raven was that they were descended from the Thousand Sons.

    These points are highly plausible due to …

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