Hello everyone,

As the 6th Edition Warhammer 40,000 rulebook comes to fruition (30th June release) I have decided to start my very first Adeptus Astartes army. I've been in this hobby thirteen years now and never once have I been able to claim a Chapter as my own. I've had many other armies in my time; Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle just to a name a few but I've never been capable of collecting a Space Marine army due to my interest flying off the scales.

Each Space Marine Chapter has something quite extrodinary and interesting about them, and while I've recently been struck on Rogal Dorn and his Imperial Fists, I've decided to leave them be, as painting yellow hasn't been my strong point. So, I've finally settled down on a Chapter I like the look of, plus enjoy their background, even if it is a little dark.

It was a toss up between the Marines Errant and the Fire Angels, although the Fire Angels have pretty much everything I like I ended up going for the Marines Errant all due to the colour scheme and the shady tradings with the Rogue Trader House: Ecale.

The colour scheme it'self is interesting; on the one hand (or from old sources) their colours are half white and half blue. However, after reading through the Imperial Armour volume nine - the Badab War part one, to me the colour is half silver and half blue, also going off historical heraldry white is silver like yellow gold. So I shall be adding my own variant to it and going for the silver and blue rather then white and blue, plus it's just easier to paint with.

Hopefully I can finally conquer this curse and I'm also hoping that this blog will help me focus more on my army.

If any of you guys wish to follow me then please do. I could always do with the much appreciated confidence boost as much as questions about why I'm doing this or that to the army as it progresses. Another update will be done tomorrow!

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