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Rough Ideas for GM RP

Chaffeen April 19, 2014 User blog:Chaffeen

All players will be 50 year old space marines. (They've been a space marine for 50 years.)

Players will be equipped with the standard Mark VII armor, you may choose not to wear your helmet. :D

They will all start with a Chain-sword and Standard Bolter.

May upgrade to Assault Marine, Devastator, Scout, Apothecary, Chaplain, Librarian.  (Player will have the standard loadout for their character.) [Also, as most marines are only trusted with the non standard equipment after they will need to have a background. I need to know what they have accomplished to be trusted with this wargear.]

Players will be allowed to create background, however this is not a requirement. If you choose not to make the history of your character, I will create one for you based on the information you give me about your character.

Players will need to choose a Cannon chapter to be a part of. This must be agreed upon by all players.

I'm writing the intro storyline, so players need to begin creating character history soon. I'll be creating a new thread for RP purposes as soon as I get done with the intro story.

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