Wolf Lord Golbjorn (The Tidal Wave)

Equipped with Artificer Armor

Utilizes Frost Blade and Master Crafted Bolter

Golbjorn moved through the ranks quickly, as he uses a small force to maximum effect.

Golbjorn is a brilliant tactitian (for a Space Wolf), he believes there is no useful blade with out an intelligent person behind it.

Golbjorn utilizes guerilla and hit and run warfare more than usual for a Space Wolf.

Golbjorn has actually taken the time (50 years) to read the Codex Astartes and understands the book completely, while he sees the effectiveness of the normal Space Wolf mentality (Noted Above) He tends to lead his foes into traps.

Golbjorn leaves as little trace of himself and his forces as he can, minimalizing and pursuit, he does this by dragging chains behind his transports when possible.

Golbjorn has been given the task of routing the Eldar that have been plaguing the sub-sector Venator. Knowing that the Eldar seem to attract or manipulate many Xenos and occasional Chaos wherever they go, The Great Wolf, knowing the tactical brilliance of Golbjorn, has sent him to "deal with" the Eldar due to his "similarity" with the slippery beings, and to eradicate them before they can bring in more Xenos to the Sub-sector. Golbjorn, with his fanatical hate of the Eldar (Due to Wolf Priest Raligar dying by a Farseer's hand, and never being avenged.) immediately accepted the mission and had his forces translate to Warp in under 1 hour, which is almost unheard of for the Space Wolves.

Army List:

30x Bloodclaw squads with Sergeants. (Squads of 6) [210 heads]

Sergeant Names: Andsvarr, Arnljótr, Alvíss, Audon, Baldr, Bausi, Benediktus, Bernhardus, Berʒiar, Bjorn the Second, Constantin, Dagstyggr, Eiðr, Ennibrattr, Filip, Grímarr, Grípr, Hákon, Ímaldr, Jógrímr, Jǫkull, Knappi, Larss, Magnbjǫrn, Martinus, Nikulas, Owdin, Róki, Simeon, Stynbiǫrn

30x Grey Wolf squads with Veteran Sargents to lead. [Also squads of 6](with mixed in heavy weapons) [210 heads]

Veteran Sergeant Names: Agnar, Alrik, Ari, Beigarth, Bior, Byrnjolf, Elgfrothi, Frømund, Gæirmund, Galti, Gorm, Glum, Hæfnir, Halvdan, Hroar, Ingvar, Jon, Ludin, Mord, Olaf, Onäm, Osvald, Paul, Rodmar, Sigfast, Sven, Thorfast, Thorvald, Ulfar, Yngvar.

10 Dreadnaughts (2 Venerable and I only have this amount because I'm forgoing a decent amount of armor.) 5 will have Twinlinked Lascannons and 3 will have auto cannons. The two venerable have all close quarters weapons. Storm bolters and under claw flamers.


50x rhino transports

2x Battle Barge - The Wolf and The Feedbag (Don't ask.)

1x Exorcist Grand Cruiser - The Retrospect (Can I use this?)

15 escorts

This is a rough sketch of what I'd like to use, and probably either way too little, or way too much. Any help you could give me for balance would be greatly appreciated

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