I have been building a Dark Angels army over the last couple of years and recently got to play in my first game. As my opponent was looking over my pieces he said some of them were illegal and I couldn't use them since they were not listed in my codex. I have a Land Raider Redeemer, Land Raider Terminus Ultra in my box, along with a Thunderfire cannon, the "Chapter Masters" 4 figure set, the Sternguard & Vanguard infantry squads, Ironclad Dreadnought and a Land Speeder Storm just to name some of them he said I couldnt use. He also said I couldnt use one of my droppods due to putting a missle launcher in it and that these pieces or stats like I was using for my Venerable Dreadnought were from the latest "Ultramarines codex" or the Apocalypse books instead of my Dark Angels one.

So am I not allowed to use these pieces? A lot of them hadnt been made when I got my codex, so do I have to remove them from my army? Some of them on their boxes or in the White Dwarf magizine show the pieces painted in Dark Angels colors.

The way the opponent treated me during the whole experience I felt like chucking every piece I have into the trash can and never looking back.

I thought I had build over an 11,000 point army with at least one of every vehicle out there and the 3rd company completely build and having 45 of the 47 Deathwing figures the Dark Angels are allowed. But now I dont know.

Can you expand your force with pieces that come out after your codex is released and you use those stats until your codex is updated?