Ban´aran Imperial Guard

Arandis-3, Banáran, Imperial guard

"Kill the Mutants. Burn the Heretics. Purge the unclean,"

Thats what we shouted,screamed,bellowed...and then died doing so.

Killing the Mutant aint as easy as saying so is.

Mutant Is armed with Loud ,ugly but damn dangerous "Shoota" and "choppa"
they kick,scream and spit venom on your eyes if you let on Greenskinned thing close enough.
they smell,they are stong,cunnign and Eat man Flesh.

Luckily they Obey Wall of whitelight from Lascannons.

Commisars tell you "you are ten times worth of those Greenskinned abominations!!!SHOOT MORE!!!!"

Run across one in Mine tunnels and find out yourself that Commisar has never ever faced those things in close guarters.

Tell That fact to anyone and You be shot in Head As heretic.
So It Goes.
Writing all this down might label me As unclean, with Unclean toughts.
But my toughts are way more Clean than one certain Priest had...
Telling us about Horrors and Abominations from Void and beyond and Mutants unthinkable.

One Day I remember how our Priest was Praying and chanting in hes Bunker...
Commisar went by and with one swift hand move, Shot Priest in head two times,
muttered one word "Unclean" and continued in messhall.

I was happy.

Writing all this down might label me As unclean, with Unclean toughts but this is not So
For to Make up my past mistakes I Under The Protection Of Emperor Of Mankind Who Is Great and unguestionable
I Promise this and This Is My will:

I Lucien Al-Kool Will Join Our Imperial Guard once again For I know we left our Job unfinished Last time.
And I know time has Come yet again to feel Warmth of LasRifle against my ribs,smell the ozone on the air
and see Fire and Plasma Rain down on the Enemy.

"Kill the Mutants. Burn the Heretics. Purge the unclean,"

قتل المسوخ. حرق الزنادقة. تطهير النجس

For This Is Right


لوسيان آل كول

Lucien Al-Kool

Head Of Al-Kool Clan, One Chief Patriarch of the 18 Tribes,
Father of 8 (Eight) Sons and 3 (Three) Daughters, Owenr Of Al-Kool Falafel(c)
Co-Owner Of Rahal and Al-Kool Hydroplantation(c), Co-Owner Of Ibrahim Rahal Speeder shop and Repairs.

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