On the WAAARGH! Second wave, when drop cuckoons rained down like firebolts,
Private Al-Kool, of 1;st Light LaserSquad Wet himself.
First time what was reamain of 1st L.LS. Launched wall of laser against RödSkulz orcs
Private Al-Kool soiled himself and bit he´s lips bloody mess but never stopped firing.
Two months later delivering suppresing fire from he´s glowing hot Lasrifle

Corporal Al-Kool mouth foamed what appeared to be blood and scent of Shit and iron surrounded him
but Multimelta Squad and Kommisar were happy about it.
"Most Useful Piece of S*** i´v ever seen " growled one unnamed Commisar

Crying from fear feces running from down from trouser legs Al-kool was crazy from fear
but as long as He had hes LasRifle he would never give up living...

Lucien "DungBug" Al-Kool was baptized by fire and blood...

"Promise of Space Marines Come to Aid was Made Previous Commisar, or Pervious of her, I´m not sure.
For Two Long Years We waited Them To Come.

We hold Our Grounds and Bled and Spilled our guts and Blood 
on every inch of Dirt.

Then We Stopped Waiting, It´wasnt Fighting any more Ít Was Surviving.

Battel after Battel, Planet turn After Planet turn, Nothing.
No Massive Shadow to block Moons glow, No Massive Shadow of Our Battelships anyway.

On Third year we Heard Two Light Cruisers had been wiped out from oribt In second year Of Orcs attack.


"Luckily" for us they had deployed most Troops on Planet surface.
the Company had only Light army units to Cover Mines.

Imperial Guard of Our Planet Arandis-3 was Formed.

Our Tribe Forefathers united and Formed unions of Clans no one could ever dream of.

We Hold Our Grounds , Grinded Greenskins on ground.

Or made them Flee underground, no one knows for sure.

Peace Was Achived, Traditions established, Unions held...
but Like Grains of Sand which form Dunes,
Storm comes and Dunes Is reformed Or Blown In the thin Air."

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