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    I'm back...

    February 11, 2015 by DANNYD99

    Well, its been quite a while, but I'm back. I may not be out of the hospital, but since I have use of my arms again, I can finally type again. 

    So... with things as it is, I'm putting the current RP on hold until at least a few players are willing to come back to it, OR we settle for a much different reboot.

    What I mean is something much dfferent from the way I've been doing things. See, it seems that creating these great battles between great armies isn't going anywhere at the moment. So as a change of pace, instead of great armies and huge battles, I was thinking something on a much smaller scale.

    This came to me when I realized that no single force could oppose vulture's forces... This was very clear in the Realms of Chaos campagin, where …

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  • DANNYD99

    So... been a while since I actually did this... but who cares...

    Anyway, Like the title, This is the Schedule for my own planned RPs. I will be taking a long break from playing as my main army, The Sentinels of War, for a spin off campaign and two main ones.

    Why? Because the senintels have lost nearly 6000 men (Over the Secrets of thelican (around 2000) and Ransacking the dark city (presently around 3500) campaings) and I really need to build them back up to strength... Especially with What I have planned.

    As many of you have probably figured out, (due to a leaked document that a certian 'someone' decided to post...) Vulture is going to begin his second invasion. However, their are two campaigns before we get to that point, which take place o…

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  • DANNYD99

    Well, first off, hello, I'm DannyD99.

    After playing with WH40K for a few years, I discorved this place, and only now made an account.

    I'm actually working on several projects relating to WH40K, including a book on my own chapter: the Sentinels of War.

    I may not be the best writer, but its something I wanted to do, so I though might as well.

    I am also the Grandmaster Sentinel of the Sentinels of War, a Non-cannon chapter of the Space Marines. At any one point, the Sentinels may actually have up to at least 15,000 marines at one time currently, with perhapes even more on the way.

    The book is namely about a particular incident with the orks somtime in 941.M39., and its mainly to introduce the chapter and a few characters.

    You can read up on my own …

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