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  • I live in Seattle, WA
  • I was born on January 13
  • My occupation is An Author, Gamer, and Critic
  • I am a Man
  • Demon Killer

    Fan Film in development

    September 1, 2011 by Demon Killer


    I am writing a script for a fan film. It is suppose to be about the origin of the Space Marines.

    Now I said I'm writing it, so it shouldn't be considered official yet. But I am writing the script. I already have a company to make it but it's all depends on whether they like the script.

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  • Demon Killer

    alright, I got the video and I am willing to show it to you guys. I wanted to show it to you guys my audio to show you guys how well a fan I am of warhammer 40k.

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