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  • I live in The Gorgon's Forge
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • DivusMechanicus

    So for the last few weeks/months I've made kahoots for playful use within a Tabletop gaming group I take part in often. I've constantly reeditted the kahoot to have new questions, it is currently in its third stage, and will either receive future edits or be joined by other kahoots to be mentioned another time. I'm posting this incase any of you have some free time and/or are with people who enjoy 40k and want an activity to fill some time in. If you do take it feel free to comment with your score and any ideas you think should be considered. Thanks for your time!

    Here's the link:

    It's called DJ's Warhammer 40k Party Time Mark III "Iron" for those who prefer searching for it the…

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  • DivusMechanicus

    So this is basically for anyone who has read and enjoyed the HH literature out there, which of the NOW traitor legions did you like most when they still loved Grand Daddy Emp?

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  • DivusMechanicus

    So I've just finished reading "A Thousand Sons", from the Horus Heresy Series as many of you will know, and I absolutely loved it. I've always found the Thousand Sons legion interesting in its traitor and loyal forms, but this book really opened up on the roots of the legion and illustrated their fall to heresy perfectly. I felt the book did a good job of picking up what worked in the original three HH books which followed the loyal days of the Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus, using a mix of strong character building, often out of combat, with small but rich pieces of combat that made the journey feel more cohesive. It also stands as one of the most indepth looks at psyker astartes/librarians I've ever read, managing to show their world without …

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