HI, this is goig to be a one shot humans stomp everything fanfic.

YOU HAVE BEAN WARNED!!!!!!                                                    THE IMPERIUM REBORN  Enough, the emperor has had enough,long has he watched his imperium decay and wither without his guiding hand but now no more will he witness his beloved species be destroyed by alien,herteics,mutants and from humanity itselfe.Now is the time to ascend to be the ultimate ruler and protector of all under his riegn for this, the ONE ABOVE ALL must be destroyed along with the living tribeunual. After the destruction of the ONE ABOVE ALL and gaining unrestraind access to the omniverse, the emperor set about to unite humanity across his soon to be vast domain, using his new found powers: Absolute ExistenceAbsolute ImmortalityAbsolute WillAlmighty LawAlpha RealityAlternate Universe CreationApocalyptic Force ManipulationAuthor AuthorityBalanceBoundary ManipulationCausality ManipulationComplete ArsenalConceptualizationCreationCycle ManipulationDestructionDomino EffectExistence Manipulation - control existence in every parallel universe.Existential PerfectionExistential Plane ManipulationFreedomLogic ManipulationMetapotenceNonexistenceOmniarchOmnificence GenesisOmniforceOmnipotenceOmnipresenceOmniscienceOrder ManipulationOrigin ManipulationParallel ExistencePerspective ManipulationPrimordial Force ManipulationReality AnchoringReality ConsumptionReality WarpingSystem Manipulationthe emperor was able to unite humanity into a single fighting force and defeated chaos and took control of the warhammer 40k universe and re-istablished the IMPERIUM OF MAN. NOTES:YES THIS IS A HUMANS STOMP EVERYTHING BECAUSE I AM PRO HUMAN AND PROUD TO BE HUMAN SO SHOULD YOU PEACE.

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