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    sorry guys if this doesn't suit warhammer 40k wiki; its just there's a competition on Entertainment wiki

    heres the link:

    the sad thing current;y is that Doctor Who, Sherlock, Homeland are all losing to 'the Vampire Diaries and My Little Pony

    I personally voted for Doctor who, but i would strongly apreciate it guys (and any wikia supporting a proper tv series) that we make a stand against Sci fi losing to a childrens program.

    (If some one had done a Warhammer TV series this year, i would be voting for it)

    Thanks guys

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    Hi guys, another blog. this one is for the lovers of the Xeno's, Eldar

    Personally I find Eldar moody, selfrighteous, and very cocky. like some people I know from school. However, Eldar have one fundemental thing in my books that makes them make up for their rudeness. Their Aspect Warriors...!

    My favourite ones are Warp Spiders (a bugger to paint) and shadow spectres (thinking of getting some).

    What Eldar do you like, and if not why?

    over and out from your favourite amateur xenologist

    Fire Drake

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    August 3, 2012 by Fire Drake 96

    I've been a loyal wiki member for almost 3 months, and throughout my time here I have seen many guru's of the 40k universe. here's who in my eyes specialises in each field...

    Vforvendetta - Lord of the Mechanicus (in the Counicl of Terra he is the Fabricator general of Mars)

    Shas' O Kias - lord general of the Fire Cast (no part in Council of Terra, but leader of Tau Empire)

    Algrim Whitefang - Lord Commander Solar (militant leader of Council of Terra)

    Montonius - Inquisitor (inquisitorial member of Council of Terra, and thus most powerful man there)

    Krannski - Fabricator General of Terra (the only other place I could think of, sorry mate) suspitiously the only techpriest that invents new technology

    Registered Contributor - Scribe (hes got allot o…

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    June 27, 2012 by Fire Drake 96

    Hi guys, this is my first blog. Its brilliant that Montonius and Algrim are doing the death korps of Krieg page, But as my name suggests, Im here to talk about Salamanders and Salamander related topics:

    what about the Salamanders page, its been neglected evidently for ages. there have been 2 books in the tome of fire Trilogy since it was last updated in the campaign section.

    This blog has been set up for those who wish to talk more about the Salamanders Chapter, Nocturne & Prometheus, and all other Salamander related issues (no eco people complaining about the annitiation ceromony of the Chapter in question)

    By the way, you guys (Montonius and Algrim) are a great inspiration for all of us.

    A content Fire Drake

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